Company Profile

Established in 1997, Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (Ticker Symbol: BGMO) is a global, diversified holding company. Bergamo and its subsidiaries target strategic investments involving a wide range of financial instruments and businesses, including alternative energy, biotechnology and healthcare, commercial and investment banking, and hedge funds.

Bergamo Acquisition and its affiliates are building a diversified portfolio of large and middle-market companies through strategic majority-interest equity investments and corporate acquisitions, as well as co-investment opportunities with financial institutions.

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Renewable Energy Products

Through its Miami-based subsidiary, Bergamo Acquisition Corp. is pursuing alternative energy projects in developing and underdeveloped countries with their cutting-edge products to be manufactured in the United Sates. The company has developed solar generators for home, industry, and government applications, as well as solar-operated tube well water pumping systems, to meet the vast needs of emerging markets. Bergamo Acquisition also sources and provides equipment, develops new technologies, and leverages its experience to offer turnkey solutions to developers, utilities, water districts, power plant owners, and industrial customers looking to diversify and complement their existing generation portfolio with compact solar thermal generation.
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